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Property Styling for maximum sale profits

property styling at its best

It’s About Results

A beautifully styled home has been proven to increase the speed of a sale campaign. Property styling (home staging) will help your home stand out from the competition, sell more quickly and at a higher price than those that have not been styled. Current “Lifestyle” TV programs like “Selling Houses Australia” confirm this. Don’t be left behind. Our service involves styling homes to sell quickly and for the maximum amount of money.

It can be as simple as de-cluttering and rearranging furniture, or can extend to furnishing an empty home from top to bottom. Most projects lie somewhere between these two examples

The top 5 reasons property styling works.

  1. Home buyers shop with logic and buy on emotion. Home staging creates a setting where more people can make an emotional connection with your home, which often leads to multiple offers and feverish bidding at auctions.
  2. Few home buyers find it hard to look past out-dated, disorganised or over furnished rooms. Property styling creates a model environment so that people are not distracted by things that can easily be changed.
  3. High real estate prices make prospective buyers more critical of your property. This is also true in slower markets where buyers can take their time and be very picky.
  4. Time pressures on two-income families drive demand for homes in “move-in condition.” One of my goals in property styling is to create an environment where home buyers can see themselves moving in right away.
  5. The huge audience for decorating shows and magazines is increasing the average person’s sensitivity to how things look. Here at Styling Property we are trying to come as close to the “ideal” as possible, whatever the home’s price point. This gives the home an advantage over other homes that haven’t been styled

Bottom line…..when it’s time to put what is likely your biggest financial investment on the real estate market, you want to do it right.

Call now and see how we can help you make a huge difference in increasing the price of your property and reducing the time it takes to sell.

We look forward to helping you through your home styling process