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Darling Point

The brief for this property was to help de-clutter the apartment and prepare it for sale.

I arranged for my removalist to come in for a day to help pack precious artifacts and furniture that we were not going to be using in the styling process, and put them into offsite storage.

There was no need to send all the clients furniture into storage, so we made a list of the furniture to be used and hired additional pieces that I felt were required to show the apartment at its best and appeal to the target market that the agent was advertising to.

I always know when I have achieved my brief when the agent calls me to say I did too good a job, because now the client loves the apartment so much they dont want to move!

The response from the client ( What is something you might tell a friend about your experience with Styling Property? )

Vanessa has a superb eye for highlighting a client’s home’s best features and enhancing these innate features for maximum chance of sale. As well, Vanessa is highly reliable, professional and passionate about her work, and very good fun to work with!




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