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North Sydney

The owner of this beautiful 2 bed property wanted to use some of the furniture they already had in the home, but also bring in additional pieces that would truely show the property to its best.

As it had been a rental none of the furnishing seemed to marry in with each other, there were tired discarded pieces from other homes that just didn’t do the house justice. I arrange for storage of the furniture we were not going to use, and hired lounges, coffee tables, chairs and much more to give this investment property some urban life.

It is so important when preparing a property for sale that each room receives some attention. It may be the case that there are certain rooms that require a lot more work than others, however its critical no room is just left forgotten.

Potential buyers will walk through ALL rooms and believe me they notice when there are spaces letting the home down. In the case of this home it all looked stunning!




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