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Property Stylist – Vanessa Hill

Property StylistPrior to starting “Styling Property” I owned and directed Australia’s largest Micrographic sales company. With Micrographic’s being a sunset product, and people moving to digital media, this allowed me to focus more on my passion for renovating, real estate and decorating.

Having experienced and completed a number of renovations and property styling jobs for myself, family and friends, I have also gained an ability to see the opportunities for improvement that added tremendous value to the appearance and functionality of a property. The last few properties my husband, Peter, and I renovated and sold made me realise the importance of presentation and the effect this has on the final sale price.

One such property set a street record! and even surprised the Agent involved

I have since completed a Certificate in Real Estate and it was during this time working in the industry I noticed over time that sellers become immune to seeing the little things that potential home buyers see immediately. It was with this thought I discovered that my true passion was in fact preparing and presenting property rather than selling it.

Added to this, a genuine desire to see other people benefit from my experience, is how “Styling Property” was born.

My eye for detail gives me the insightful vision of what a room or an entire house could look like with the right presentation. My ability to source and combine complimentary linens, furniture and accessories evoke emotion, create interest, set the mood and define a space.

My natural flair to see a property and its features allows for a smooth and productive home styling experience in all projects undertaken.

My philosophy has always been

It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that counts

In a competitive market, presentation is essential. First impressions count when selling quickly and for the best achievable price, you need to give your home a competitive advantage. “Styling Property” can certainly show you how.

“Styling Property” was established by myself in response to increasing demand from home owners for professional assistance when preparing properties for sale. Every vendor wants to maximise their sale price and “Styling Property” can help make that happen.

Based in Sydney “Styling Property” works locally and I bring a wealth of experience in role as Managing Director and Principal Property Stylist.

Call me now for a chat on 1300 797448